ITEM Electric S.R.L. has been involved in the design and development of systems for the control of industrial plants for more than twenty years, in particular the process automation systems in the compression, air / gas treatment and petrochemical sectors. The know-how acquired over years of experience on international orders has allowed ITEM Electric S.R.L. to develop specialized skills and services, capable of responding to complex engineering and plant needs. We follow our customers from the initial budgeting phase to the design, construction / installation and testing in the field, and on the final location to carry out FAT and SAT.

ITEM Electric S.R.L. carries out its commitment to constantly guarantee the best quality standards professionally. For this reason, our technicians use the best tools necessary to operate in compliance with current regulations. Finally, we follow the phases of plant construction, design and maintenance, extending the service to specialised assistance; post-sales services with staff training, support and spare parts supply. Always attentive to safety and innovation, in almost thirty years of business we have built full customer satisfaction.